MDIV Update: TIME will make the difference

Greetings Motion Device fans, warriors and backers. While humans all over the earth deal with a world-wide pandemic, the effect it has had on the recording of this album has been paramount. We’ve all been given so much to deal with in these difficult times but the one positive thing Motion Device has been given as a result of everything that’s going on can be summed up in one word – TIME.

First let us begin with the not-so-good news…

It should be fairly obvious to everyone that the production of most rewards associated with the MDIV Kickstarter campaign will be delayed for at least a month or two. Almost all non-essential businesses have come to a complete halt and it’s impossible to say when those businesses will be operating again. This directly effects the manufacturing of many of your rewards including the bandanas, bumper stickers, t-shirts, hoodies, the MDIV vinyl records and of course the physical copies of the CDs. As we continue to push through the recording process we planned to get most of those rewards ready during March and April but that now has to wait until it’s safe for businesses to get back to work. We’re hoping that happens sooner than later and all we can ask for from all of you is patience. It will get done and every single one of you will receive the rewards you deserve for funding this project.


Now for the good news…

All of us, including the band and management, knew going into this, that producing, recording, mixing and mastering this MDIV album in our own studio would be a very unique and difficult task. Pushing the creative envelope to bring our music to a brand new level is one thing and we’re good with that – it’s what we do. Learning how to use the studio equipment we now have, while at the same time researching and studying with our own ears how to capture and shape the sound we’re looking for – that’s a whole new ballgame. There are many resources all over the internet that have helped us immensely through this journey. Yet, we have heard that the only true way to make this happen is you have to go through the process of letting your ears develop enough to know what makes a great sounding album.

The only way that becomes possible is having the TIME to do it and we now have that luxury.

For the first time ever we have the time (and we’re quickly developing the ability) to really make this album the best it can be. We’re in the studio almost every minute of the day, putting as many hours as we can into the new material and there’s no doubt in our minds that the results will end up shining through. Getting the extra time to learn to mix and master the recordings will be huge in the long run and we’ll need every moment to help ensure we end up completely satisfied with the final product – we know our fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

AND the best news of all…

While the pandemic delays the production of your rewards, there will be nothing stopping us from getting the music completed before the rewards become available. We may not be ready this month but we will do our absolute best to have digital files ready as soon as we possibly can. The official release date of the album will be announced the very moment we have one and we will make sure to get the advanced digital download in your hands before that date arrives.

All we can ask from all of you right now is understanding and patience. Something we’ve all been learning a lot about over the last few weeks. Stay safe and be kind to each other.

Many thanks to all of you for making MDIV possible.

Sara, Josh, Andrea, David
& Motion Device Management